How did Tokenisation morph into a Card Scheme Scam?

Is tokenisation a force for payment good, or is it a scam?

Tokenisation might not be the most cost-effective answer to what is essentially a “manufactured” crisis, but it is the most profitable.

A series of vested commercial interests have managed to secure a return on initial investments in tokenisation technologies that might otherwise have been lost.

What’s VAT got to do with DropShipping?

If you were starting out as a dropshipper last year, you probably weren’t going to be too bothered about the VAT-man … and the truth is that he probably wasn’t too bothered about you either. Collecting the tax was a bit fiddly and so he was only really going to be interested in you if …
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What is DropShipping?

DropShipping appeals to many e-commerce entrepreneurs as it provides a means of delivering high quality goods directly to customers and at te same time, requires a minimal financial outlay.

Here, the principles of the DropShipping business model are explained to help you make up your own mind.