Glossary and WordSearch

ATMAutomated Teller Machine
The official term for the "hole-in-the-wall" cash machines that can be found on just about every High Street in every town in every part of the world.
CNPCardholder Not Present
The generic acronym used for remote card payment transactions, which include online, phone, email and SMS.
Corporate CardA card issued to an employee on behalf of the employer.
MoToMail Order / Telephone Order
A special case of Cardholder Not Present transaction, which is self-explanatory.
Mobile POSA portable, stand-alone POS device that allows a seller to take card payments. The Mobile POS is connected to, or incorporates the functionality of, a mobile phone and relies on the mobile phone networks for the acceptance and authorisation of payments.
POSPoint of Sale
This is the place in a store where goods for sale are exchanged for cash or some other form of payment. Other things can also take place at the Point of Sale, like packing, but the POS is generally where the transfer of ownership takes place.